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TCA Home Skin Peel Kit For Removing Tattoos At Home

Have you ever had a chemical peel at your local day spa as a kind of beauty treatment? If so, then you are already familiar with TCA, or trichloroacetic acid, which is a common agent that is used frequently for the smoothing out of fine lines, softening wrinkles and dulling acne scars as well as being an effective tattoo removal cream.

Today, there are a number of people who are able to safely and effectively use the power of TCA to remove tattoos, or at least speed up the process of tattoo fading. There have been numerous studies going on since the early 1990s showing the results over time with regular use by patients. If you are looking for a safe tattoo removal cream today, you may be interested in finding one of the TCA home skin peel kits that are made specifically for tattoo removal. As with anything having to do with your skin and maintaining health, you need to be sure that you do all of your research and learn as much about the use of TCA as you possibly can.

There are a number of people looking to lessen the look of an unwanted tattoo without having to go through the painful laser surgical procedure. The TCA acid is actually rather easy to apply to your skin, and it will bring about sloughing and peeling. When used regularly, you could start to see the signs of fading after a few months, with it eventually vanishing so that you can forget about it or even have the dulled image covered by a new tattoo.


The Dual Approach Of TCA

The TCA products are wonderful when used as a kind of supplement to professional laser removal. However, the laser procedure is not only very painful, but it is also extremely expensive. The good news is that the TCA home skin peel kits are going to be very effective when it comes to fading most tattoos, so using it properly by following the exact instructions can save you both money and discomfort by cutting back on the number of laser treatments you may need should you take that route.


While many people who use the TCA home skin peel kits will not have any scarring, there is a small percentage that can be subject to adverse skin reactions on some level. The symptoms can range from a kind of mild irritation to a more severe blistering effect along with discoloration. It is always recommended that you test a small portion of your skin before you put the product all over your entire tattoo. There are some people who have used the removal kits and still have a slight bit of scarring even without an initial reaction to the use of TCA. However, you should know that the light scarring is usually as a result of the tattoo application and not the TCA.

Which Tattoos Can Be Removed The Easiest?

You will usually find that a high-quality tattoo that was applied by a trained artist using professional equipment will have the most staying power. There are some tattoos that are going to give the strongest laser treatments a run for the money. TCA home kits for removal will usually have the best impact on amateur or homemade tattoos that have not penetrated as deep down into the dermis layer of the skin.



Home removal kits using TCA are not usually recommended for use by someone who has a darker skin tone, as a condition known as hypopigmentation could occur. This is a condition where a lighter patch of skin will be left behind in the treated spot where the tattoo was. When you pair this with incomplete removal, this could end up being a result that will be less desirable than the original tattoo itself.

Your Results

The use of TCA home kits will generally work best for someone who has a brightly colored tattoo, and you will usually notice that the areas that are covered today can fade quicker than the black outline. Most people will start to see results from the peeling and sloughing after just a few applications spanning a time period of several months. After undergoing six applications, you may find that you have come as far as you can get with the removal of your tattoo using the TCA at home.

Using Your TCA Home Skin Peel Kit

– Be sure that you select a quality TCA peel, which you can sometimes find in local tattoo shops or through online venues. Always check the ingredients to determine the percentage of TCA acid in the product. If you are seeing a percentage that is 10 or higher, you could have a peel that is too strong and you could be left with damage to the skin. Though most people find the best results with a percentage of 80%.

(If you find that the percentage is too strong you can dilute the solution with distilled water)

– Always wash the area where the tattoo is and use a soft washcloth along with soap that is hypoallergenic. After washing, rinse with warm, clean water and then pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Read the instructions of the product and then apply to the tattooed area of your skin. You may have an application tool like a paintbrush that is included with your kit. Allow the solution to dry for the recommended time before you touch it again. After the suggested time, you can wash off the peel while using clean, lukewarm water. You may find that the area is itching as the acid solution sets in, but this is a normal reaction and an indicator that it is working.

Final Words

You can reapply the TCA home skin peel kit on the area of the tattoo every four to six weeks, or as suggested in the instructions. You need to wait until the skin has fully stopped peeling from the last application before you reapply. Keep in mind that this is a process that will take time and you are working on shedding the layers of your skin. All in all, as long as you are careful, well-researched on the process and you follow along with instructions after testing out a patch of your skin, you could be in for great results.