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Before you get that tattoo, think long and hard. Will you still like it in a year from now? How about two to four years from now? Is it your boyfriend or girlfriends name? If so, how stable is the relationship?

Many people get tattoos only to discover a year or later, that it really isn’t what they want, or worse, it was someone’s name and they’ve broken up. There are ways to have tattoos removed, but be mindful that it’s very costly and may take more than one session to fully remove a tattoo.

Tattoos can be removed with a laser. The person will fill out some paperwork and pay and then the session will begin. It may be very painful toward the end.

To remove the tattoo the technician will use the laser to clear out the ink underneath the skin. This means that the other layers of skin are going to be removed. This is the painful part.

Since a person can only take so much and since the laser must have time to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, it can be very time-consuming. For larger sized tattoos, it can take even longer.

Depending on the type of ink used and the depth of the tattoo, it may be more complex than other tattoo removals.

You can anticipate paying about as much for a tattoo removal or more as you do for a regular tattoo.

Keep in mind that there are other methods of removing tattoos as well. There is dermabrasion where they basically “sand” the tattoo off of your skin.

This is very similar to rubbing sandpaper on the tattoo until all of the tattoos has been removed. Again, very painful.

Keep in mind that there is also the risk of infection, scarring and injury to the nerves in the location of the tattoo removal. You’ll have to tend carefully to the location until it’s fully healed.

Scars may or may not resemble the tattoo that was there and they may take some time to fade away. Not all tattoos respond well to removal. Some will take several months to several years to remove.

It will depend on the depth and the types of ink that are used in the tattoo. Some inks are much more resilient than others and will be more difficult to eradicate from the skin area.

You can find tattoo removalists online by simply plugging in the search term “tattoo removalist”. Always read the comments from others who have used them before you go in.

If you find that most people aren’t satisfied with their work, you’ll want to move on to another tattoo removalist that has more favorable comments.

Tattoos are a great way to show self-expression and art on one’s body, however, they can also be offensive or interfere with a person’s ability to secure a job at some locations.

Lastly, remember, just because he or she is your boyfriend or girlfriend today, doesn’t mean he or she will remain your boyfriend or girlfriend next week, month or year.

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